11 tools to boost your productivity

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11 tools; what are the benefits? With an organized work routine, you can achieve the expected results and the goals set for your company. And since technology is so present today, why not use 11 tools to your advantage?

Some applications can be pretty helpful in saving time and speeding up the execution of your tasks. This11 tools list is constantly growing, but today we are going to talk about eleven of them that are widely used and effective:

clear focus

ClearFocus is an application that allows you to put into practice the Pomodoro technique to manage your time. This technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s and is focused on improving work organization by dividing the time spent on a task into intense 25-minute intervals.

The tool is freely available for Android and has a timer specially developed for this method, with 25-minute blocks and intermediate intervals that can last as long as the user indicates. As an extra, it is also possible to disable your smartphone’s Wi-Fi for the duration of the concentration time and receive only priority notifications.

iPhone users can download Pomodoro Timer, a very similar app.


More than just a notepad, Evernote is a complete tool. Available online or for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android in free and paid versions, it allows you to store materials from different formats and sources (texts, images, or even handwriting) and synchronize them on all your devices.

The program is based on a structure of notes that can organize in labels, notebooks, and piles, as well as notifications so that you remember to do specific tasks and exchange and chat system for you to use with your co-workers.

 Google Calendar

There is no formal organization without a good calendar. The one provided by Google is free both in its online version and for iPhone and Android. It is perfect for managing your commitments within a defined time, such as meetings, conferences, and other important events.

You can also share your calendar with other team members so they can keep up with your routine, invite you to activities together or even incorporate a list of tasks to ensure that the necessary deadlines complete them.

Google Drive

Another excellent Google tool that can help you in your work routine is Google Drive. With this service, you can save all your files in the cloud, that is, on an external server that you can access from anywhere.

In addition to ensuring the security of your data in the event of a problem with your computer, it is possible to view and edit documents from any device and share them with your colleagues. The free version, available online and for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, offers 30 GB of storage.

Other similar options are OneDrive (for Hotmail and Outlook users) and Dropbox, which do well.


Do you have multiple accounts on different platforms? Considering that each of them must have a different password, it can be challenging to remember all of them for security reasons. To achieve this, Passpack is the ideal service.

By entering the site and registering for free, you will be able to keep all your passwords in one place and share them with members of your team. The help is even more significant with the “Passpack it” button, which fills your login forms with just one click and saves precious minutes of work.


With the great flow of information circulating on the internet, it is inevitable not to come across interesting articles or videos all the time. To not get distracted so quickly, you can use Pocket.

The service, available for iPhone and Android in a free or paid version, allows you to save all the links to view later at your leisure or at a more convenient time (such as when you need some ideas). Best of all, the storage is offline; your content does not require the internet to be accessed.

Rescue Time

Do you need extra help to concentrate on your work? Even leaving exciting videos and articles for later makes it hard for you to escape the myriad of distractions the internet provides, so it might be worth giving Rescue Time a try.

Available free for Windows, the program monitors how much time you spend on each site throughout the day, generating a graph with the main categories and calculating your level of productivity. It is also possible to access weekly performance reports and define goals.


A classic tool for both personal and business use is Skype, which could not be left out of this list. The possibility of making free online or video calls is undoubtedly significant throughout a working day.

With this program, available for free or in a paid version for Windows (both desktop and mobile versions), Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android, you will be able to communicate with your team wherever you are, participate in remote meetings, and even interview candidates for a vacancy in your company.


Have you heard about remote access yet? With TeamViewer, available for free or in a paid version for the most common operating systems, you can connect to your computer through your cell phone, view stored data, and take advantage of the various features at any time.

It is also possible to use the service to access a co-worker’s computer to help them with a task or solve a problem quickly, without leaving your location.


Knowing the importance of a good to-do list, we couldn’t help but show you a good app to do your own. Todoist is one of the most complete since it allows you to write down your activities and sort them by priority, date, or type of project.

From this service (available for Windows, iPhone, and Android), you will also be able to see your productivity through a graph generated as you complete each pending item.

Another highly recommended alternative is Wunderlist, which has very similar features.


The ideal tool to manage your team projects is Trello. It is available for the leading platforms and operating systems. Its free or paid version will allow you to organize your action plan completely through lists. You will be able to create tasks for each list, attach files and comments, and assign due dates and responsible persons in charge.

The significant contribution of this platform is the possibility of seeing “the complete image,” that is, accessing all the processes simultaneously and being able to control the way and the deadlines in which your objectives are met.

11 tools to boost your productivity

11 tools to boost your productivity


These were just some examples of the resources and 11 tools you have at your fingertips to simplify your work. We hope you can put them into practice, and we would like to know what other applications you use to improve your daily productivity.

So, are you ready to use 11 tools and increase your productivity? If you are investing in eCommerce, choose a complete platform ready to be used. Create your online store for free for 15 days, and check it out!

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